CHAMPION A CAUSE: Let History Remember you as a Football Player With A Difference

 It’s a great advantage to be a football player. Yes! We all know how quickly football players become popular even in our local environment. How their actions are easily noticed by the public. It makes playing football a great opportunity. I mean, God given opportunity for you to make a difference in your time.

It’s unfortunate though, that many popular football players today have a wrong attitude – pride, sex sandals and all sort of riotous life – and they cannot be seen as models of society. But you can choose to be different! You can stand out of the bandwagon to become a helper of society. You can champion a cause today!

A true champion is one who win for others, not just for himself alone. Looking around in your country today, several opportunities abound for you to champion a cause in your immediate environment. And if you’re a renowned player like Christian Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or even Didier Drogba, Samuel O’Eto, it’s easier for your project to get world attention.

Now, whether you’re a football player, coach, manager, Agent or even a fan, decide to make a difference. Be a football player with a difference; a coach with a difference; a manager with a difference… Become a symbol of good. There are countless opportunities for you to chart new frontiers and improve society.

Irrespective of how “odd” you might feel to be the singular initiator or sole proponent of a positive idea or movement that can improve society, you must remain undaunted. Let the inspiration for change drive you to champion that positive cause to a successful end. Don’t be among the masses who merely fold their arms and watch the ills of society go worst or watch people suffer, when they can actually do something about it. Rather, be like Nwankwo Kanu who championed the cause to help cure children with cardiovascular diseases in Africa, through his “Kanu Heart Foundation.”
If God has prospered you as a football player, there’s lot of community help services you can undertake. You can take up the responsibility to use your popularity to organize fund raising for the improvement of education or a particular area of health care services.  You could even be at the forefront of the campaign against corruption, racial discrimination or bring relief for war and natural deserter victims around the world or food for the many angry people around your immediate environment. There’s a lot that you can do and the time to start is now!

By doing this, you become God’s out stretched arms and you’ll be making great difference in the lives of the young ones and hope for the suffering people around the world. Yes! You can do something today.

You know what? Bye and bye, history would remember you for what you stand for and what you have done. Then, you become a point of reference for the future generation.

It’s the vision of Greenhunters Sports International to champion the movement for better earth. We’re using football platform to inspire players to stand up to this call.