ST VALENTINE'S DAY: How Football Lovers Can Go On A Date WithThe Special Ones

Do you have a date on February 14? So how do you plan to share love with the special one in your heart on St Valentine’s day. Perhaps, you’d like to go to the cinema or the beach or perhaps, as a football lover, you’d probably like to go to see a game at the stadium. After that, a candle light dinner in an exquisite restaurant may not be a bad idea at all.

I don’t know about you, but I have a different thrill. I feel better loving the special children on Valentine’s day. Special children like Miracle, a 6 years old boy who lived on the street for four good years. And people who knew about what happened to him told the story of how he miraculously survived from a bus crash that killed everyone including his father and mother. Nobody came to his rescue, not even the welfare people. Crush by depression, he retreated into his own world, hungry and begged around the streets everyday with no one to help him. Miracle was barely communicating and never smiled to anyone.

Then one day in February 14, 2010, Miracle received a special gift – a brand new ball – provided by ifootball4life and people like you who made it possible. We got him washed up, changed his clothes and gave him a good meal to eat. For the first time since his parent’s death, Miracle smiled. And then, he and his new friends began life together at the inner city mission of Believer’s love-world.Inc.

Today, Miracle has greatly improved in his football skills. He’s a wonder to behold on the field of play; just like the legendary Nigeria football star, Jay Jay Okocha. The beautiful thing is, he’s doing well in school too. This is the story so far, with an ending yet to be written. But I can predict how well it’s going to turn out for him. This may just be the making of another football star!

Amazingly, Miracle is just one of the over 100 million hungry children around the world, especially in the third world countries. And you dare not hear their tale of horror. I can tell you as you read this, many of the children will go to sleep hungry today and many may die as a result.

It’s not easy to be hungry in a third world country. If your crop fail to germinate; and your parents cannot find work, there will be no food stamps, no government lunch…

Many of the hungry children will depend on ifootball4life to magnify their voice, so they can get help from football people and organizations. Many of them need education and curdle of love. Ifootball4life cannot afford to let them down. We are calling on all football lovers to have a date with them this Valentine’s day. You can reach them in the following ways:

1.        Google will be displaying Adverts on this page, belonging to organizations where you can donate as little as $1 to $5. Just click on the Ad at the sidebar or at the bottom line of this post.

2.      With $5 donation, you can provide a meal to one child at Inner city Mission on Valentine’s day. Log on to the website now