THE MYSTERIOUS PLANET NEBULAE: How An Amateur Astronomer Discovered A Space Football

A whole generation had grown up with the notion that there’s only nine planets. Now, a new generation is growing up with a different information. Not too long ago, some scientists came out with fact that Pluto is not a planet. Well, does it mean that the planets are now eight? NO! Many more planets has been discovered and indications shows that many more maybe discovered in the future. Now don’t quote me, I am not a scientist. But recently in March 2009, an amateur astronomer from Australia, Mathias Kronberger, discovered a mysterious one – Planet Nebulae.

I could just imagine it, how Kronberger would have felt  the first time. He may have thought that something had gone wrong with his obsolete telescope, when he saw a large size football orbiting the space. But it turned out to be some mysterious specie of planets. Nebulae planetary has the exact shape of a football – just like a white and black patches of a traditional football design.  And some has deep blue and green colors.

When a more sophisticated Kepler space telescope probed further, it observed more than 3, 000 planet Nebulae within the Milky way.  Some scientists said that Nebulae planetary may not be the usual planet we all know. They may be a combination of stellar and planetary bodies. It’s suspected to be dying stars that run out of hydrogen fuel form a planet Nebulae. However, there’s no proof to such assumptions. Astronomers are still probing to understand the evolution of this strange objects and why they often take such peculiar shape like a space football.

Sarah, a renowned astrologer on the Internet once jokingly said, “The movement of Nebulae planetary usually affects the outcome of a football game on earth; this is where the god of soccer lives.” Well, it’s not the first time an astrologer has laid such claim that a football game is influenced by the movement of heavenly bodies such as stars and planets. She seem to be saying that a football match can be predicted with certainty by reading the stars.

Talking about predictions, in South Africa for instance, an Octopus called, Paul De Octopus, was said to have predicted right most football games of the World cup 2010, including the finals between Spain and Netherlands. This again raised the question, if football games are master minded by the god of soccer phantom.

Till date, football has been studied more like a science of Kinetics, with no serious attention given to the spiritual factors suspected to influence the game or to the mysterious phantoms associated with the game. Planet Nebulae with it’s mysterious football shape has yet raised another eyebrow. Already, scientists are studying the mysterious nature of the heavenly body, to see if it has any connection with football sport on earth. Perhaps, the findings may not be for our present generation. The mystery may be unraveled to just become another Scientific discovery for the next generation.