TEN COMMANDMENTS OF FOOTBALL: Any Professional Player That Keep These Laws Shall Enjoy The Good Of The Game

Most professional players walk into trouble by themselves and make a shipwreck of their fl-edging football career. Perhaps, it's because they don't know about this ten cardinal laws that guide most successful football players. I felt that I should share it to help other players adjust their present disposition. Every player should as a matter of fact, have the laws written on the tablet of their hearts. The truth is if you abide by these laws you definitely eat the good of the game.

Law 1:  You should give full attention to your football profession. You shouldn't get involved in any other sports or business that call for a divided attention. your football requires full devotion.

Law 2:  The second law is like the first. You should love the club you signed contract with. You should not openly or secretly criticize the club or show interest in another club, not even your national team. Your loyalty is immensely required.

Law 3:  Remember your contract provisions and keep them holy. You should be punctual to every schedules, training sessions, team camping,  match day as well as other public and promotional appearances required by the club and other organizations that endorsed you.

Law 4:  Honor your club president and team manager, so your days maybe long in that club; and so you shall enjoy the good of club.

Law 5:  You should not take performance enhancement and stimulation drugs, so that you do not fall into the hands of FIFA disciplinary committee and probably get ban from further participation in sport.

Law 6.  You should not fight or deliberately aim to injure fellow players, referees or fans, so that you may not be tagged inf ante terrible of the game.

Law 7:  You should not steal nor be involved in sharp practices such as, Document falsifications of age, nationality or work permits; tax avoidance or invasion; Illegal acquisition of properties...

Law 8:  You should not be involved in illicit sex orgies: seductions, sexual harassment, rape, or other immoral acts that could affect your image and consequently, the image of your club.

Law 9:  You should not covet your neighbor's wife or properties because of your wealth and status as a football star.

Law 10:  This is in fact the most important of them all. You should only worship the lord your God. Do not evoke different gods and conflicting powers that may interplay to ruin your football career.