E-CHURCH EVOLUTION: Now Football Professionals Can Attend Church Service Online From Anywhere In The World

Thank God for the Internet! State laws can no longer be a barrier to Christian worship across the world. It doesn’t matter much any more, if Christians are not allowed to gather as a group in countries like Russia, China, Afghanistan, Romania… You can as well stay in your closest with your personal computer(PC) logged on to the Internet and you can join close to 10 million Christian worshipers across the world to participate in e-church service. Isn’t that great?

Kalu Johnson, a Christian football professional from Nigeria, who plays his football in Bangladesh, is particularly excited about the innovation. “one thing that was my worry since I came to Bangladeshi is my faith as a Christian. I’m surrounded by Hindu worshipers and it was difficult for me to find a church or  fellow Christians, until I found Pastor Chris live on the Internet. I now enjoy rich fellowship with God.”  “I think it’ll even be more rewarding for me, when it’s possible to give tithe and offerings through some secured online payment options like PayPal.” Johnson suggested with a kind smile on his face.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the host of “Pastor Chris Live” and president of Believers’ Love World (BLW) ministry a.k.a Christ Embassy – with the vision to reach the people and nations of the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ  - has voraciously utilized the Satellite TV and Internet technology as a vehicle to reach the uttermost part of the earth. Pastor Chris and his BLW ministry is spearheading the e-church evolution across the world. They’ve utilized the Internet technology in such strategic ways and he is now reaching up to one third of the world’s population. According to Tony Ikoku, the media director of the ministry, “The Internet is big! Much bigger than television and free from state imposed licensing. It has broken down almost every communication barriers on earth.” “Today, most people are connected to the internet via personal computers or mobile devices and we found it a suitable vehicle to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

It’s end of worry for most Christian football professionals, especially those plying their trade in some nonsecular nations or remote countries across the world. They can soon take advantage of this innovation to connect with fellow Christians and enjoy rich fellowship with God.


Five Ways BLW Ministry Is Using The Internet To Preach The Gospel Around The World

1.      Communion Service Live Streaming On The Internet: Over 1, 500 ministries and almost 10 million Christians across the world are given access to participate in the Christ Embassy Communion service held first Sunday of the month. The communion service is the flagship e-church service on the Internet. Effort is being made to give more ministries and private individuals such access to participate.

2.      Pastor Chris Online, Question and Answer Session: You can log on to Pastor Chris Online every Tuesday, to ask any question bothering you and as well listen to answers given to other questions asked by several participants across the world. You’ll be greatly exposed to the Bible teachings of Pastor Chris and gain understanding of how you can apply your faith for own life success today.

 Your questions can also be answered privately, if you so request for such private counseling.

3.      Pastor Chris Live Prayer Session On Yookos: Yookos is a social media where most Christians network with members of their ministry or other ministries (Click here to see it). Over 6 million Christian across the world pray together for 15 minutes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of every week, by following Pastor Chris on Yookos.

Pastor Chris post prayer points via Yookos prompt to all his followers on the social media network to join the prayer. And tremendous powers are made available at that time, which has caused sweeping changes across the world. The testimonies of God’s miracles and prompt intervention for those that participated in the prayer sessions has been recorded.

4.      Wiki Sozo Salvation Testimonies: Wiki Sozo is a christian social directory online, where over 24, 000 Christians have shared inspiring testimonies, pictures and videos of their salvation stories and God’s miracles in their daily lives.

Wiki Sozo has inspired faith in many visitors of the Website (Click here to read it). Lots of unbelievers has equally given their hearts to Christ after reading some of the life transforming posts on the website.

5.      E-Rhapsody Of Realities Daily Devotional Online: Rhapsody of Realities has become the best selling reference book and daily devotional apart from the Bible. Football professional can also read the e-copy of this daily devotional online. It’s usually wonderful to start up your day with God’s word .

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