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FIVE SECRETS OF FOOTBALL TRIALS: How To Get A Club To Select You Ahead Of Many Good Players

Most football clubs are not looking for a good player or an exceptional talent to sign. So, if you’re attending the next trials with the mind set that you’re good, you may just be disappointed with the turn out of things – you may not be selected! I’ve heard some players say, “Look at Peter who doesn’t have half my skills was selected and I was dropped…” You may not understand why, you may feel the recruiters were very bias,  but let me ask you a question. Did you know why Andre Chenchenko didn’t perform in Chelsea? Or Why Ibrahamovic didn’t play well with Barcelona?  And why Kaka is being used as a second rate player at Real Madrid? But these three players were super stars while playing for AC Milan. Kaka was once the world best in 2006. Has he faded out or what is happening to them? The answer is simply. They couldn’t fit into those teams’ style of play.

Every club has it’s own way of playing the game. The club football culture is developed over many years of playing together. It could be due to the weather condition of home stadium or the kind of managers and players they’ve had over time, and the club has developed a playing philosophy. For instance, the club may not like you playing fast pace or even slow pace style; the club may not like you holding the ball too long or dribbling or passing the ball backward or even playing so physical… Remember, the manager or the club will not try to fit into your own style of play, rather you’re the one who will try to fit into the playing pattern of the team. As long as you continue to play outside the established pattern, you’ll not be selected during the try out.

As I said before, clubs are not just looking for good players, they’re looking out for players that can fit into the team and can contribute something special to help the club succeed. A fantastic player who didn’t prepare very well risk rejection. He may be dropped because his performance doesn’t fit into the team’s pattern of play.  

First, you should seek for information about the club that invited you for try out. Then, you should prepare yourself accordingly. You can ask an experience coach to help you out. Football CV trial camps provide services of some experience coaches to help players out before the trial day.

Five Ways To Prepare For Trials

1.      Learn how to play the club’s Pattern: Some trial invitation letters state the pattern – 4-4-2,       3-5-2, 4-3-3… that will be played during the trials. Otherwise, get the video of the club’s past games and find out what pattern they play most of the time. Then, begin to learn how to fit into the different positions of the pattern. Some clubs may try you in different positions and the manager may want to convert you to play a new role entirely.

2.      Find out the special skills you can display during the trials: You’ve to do personal evaluation of your playing skills – shooting ability, speed, passing, ball holding, spot kicks, penalty kicks, crossing – and improve on the ones you plan to display during the trials. Make sure the special skills you’re about to showcase fit into the team’s pattern.

3.      Get physically and mentally fit: You need to be physically fit to be able to play at your best. Plan a training regiment for your fitness. You also require confidence, perseverance to succeed in football trials. Your training, studying about the club and medical wellness will help you a lot to succeed. You require experience coach with some knowledge of psychology to help you out privately.

4.      Do weather acclimatization: The weather condition of the country or city were the trials will take place will definitely affect your game. For instance, if you’re from the tropical Africa and you meant to attend trials in places like Norway or Australia, with a chilling weather below “O” degrees, the weather will surely affect your game. You’ve to arrive the city at least one week before the trials, to acclimatize in the weather and plan how to over come it’s effect during the trials.

5.      Be Careful of food and diets:  Don’t lynch into eating new diets before your trials, it may affect your body system. Eat food and drink only those things your body is already use to. Let your guide help you get the right food you require and please, don’t take enhancement drugs. Maybe, after you have succeeded and signed a lucrative contract, you may have time to try out new diets.


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Thumbs up for this information...I as a young player has gained a lot from your this.....thanks
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Unknown said…
thank you sir..I have learnt a lot from you ...I'm pleased with your teaching and advice's.. Thanks

Samuel Ekanem said…
Thank you for this great advice
have really learnt alot8

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