EURO SOCCER HOTS UP ON SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK: Experience How Google+ Puts You On Top Of The Game

"The match has started." alerts you through your Google+ account on your mobile device or laptop. Immediately, I opened another window to watch the match on as I still log on to to find over 10, 000 football fans already gathered on the forum. "Where are you watching the match" asked and I quickly turn on my GPS, to allow “google map” show my location in Lagos Nigeria. Then, I was shown a short link to watch the match directly from

On real time, people were predicting the match on “UEFA Predictor" and winning prizes. Others are posting commentaries, analysis of the game. You could ask questions about a player, coach, team, referees or stadium location and get people who know to respond to you immediately. They could give you links to get more information on the question. Fans watching from the stadium could post video clips of some of the actions going on around the stadium.

Social media network has changed the way we enjoy the game of football. It's a different experience now. You no longer watch passively from the stadium or viewing center. You're right on top of the game, participating actively with other passionate fans across the world.

You could make new friends around the world. Not just anyone, but friends that share the same passion with you. Google+ makes it easier for people of like passion to flock together. You know the old adage, "Birds of the same feather flock together." That is it! That's what makes google+ so different from the other social media network.

I personally feel that it is not all social media network that is right for football fans. Perhaps, maybe, you could use facebook, linkedIn, fanbox, flickr... for other purposes. But in terms of real time participation in football games, I think it get hots up and more fun in:,,, Experience the difference!

Sorry guys, it's not what you think. I am not trying to brandish any social media. I personally use facebook, linkedIn for other purposes for my brand. But first, I am obliged to tell my readers where to get the right info and resources to “fan up their passion for the game.” Remember, we're not just playing games, we're building life! We're making a happier world through football - so get inspired!