INTERNET LINK: How Social Media Network Can Connect A Football Player to A Big Club Abroad

The good thing is the Internet can link you to anything you want, anywhere in the world. But, you must first find out where to search. One good place is the social media network, where you can link with people and organizations that are willing to help you get what you want. So as a football player, the social media is one area you should put in more effort in your search for a club abroad.

Your Laptop and other mobile devices like your smartphone, are great tools in your hands. You can use them to connect with club managers, Coaches, Scouts, Player licensed agents across the world. You can as well subscribe to receive newsletters from groups and organizations involved in helping talented players jump start a professional football career. With your smartphone connected to the Internet, you can receive such information on the go.

Of course, it's not all social medium that can give you the vital connections you so desire. I am going to share with you how you can connect with the right social media networks.

Five Ways You Can Vitally Connect With Football Clubs Through Social Media Network

1. Connect with Football Professionals on LinkedIn: Open an account with . Write your football profile. You can get an expert to write a professional football profile for you or you may copy the resume of a professional player and follow the template to write your own.

Then, search for football professionals and send an invitation to connect with them on LinkedIn. Use keywords like, club managers, scouts, player agents... to get the right search results you require. Finally, send  a letter to each of them, asking them to connect you with a club. You can link your video clips, so they could see how you play.

2. Join a Football Group on LinkedIn: Since you now have an account with LinkedIn and you have written your profile, then search for football groups. Use keywords like, football trials, scouting, talent hunt... to get the right search results for the groups you can join.  Then, subscribe to their RSS feed, so you can get update information on your email. These groups usually post vacancies and opportunities for players to attend trials.

3. Subscribe for the Newsletter of Football Talent Hunt Organizations: Use the keyword, Talent hunt, to search to get the right search results. You can then choose the right organizations to subscribe to their newsletter. You can as well subscribe to  newsletter to receive information of trials in UK. They also organize trial camps and coaching clinics.

4. Join Football Networking Organizations: There are many football networking organizations that can help you find a club abroad. You can join,, or Make sure you post your profile and video clips link to them. It's easier for them to help you when they like how you play after watching your video clips.

5. Post your Video clips on your YouTube Channel: Open an account with and create your personal channel, then post your football video clips. Read related post below to find out how you can create your own channel on YouTube. Also make sure you have a professional edited video clips that can sell you to any club in the world.

When you have posted your video clips, use the link and embedding YouTube provided for you to post on LinkedIn, Facebook, fan box... Send the link to Scouting Videos, My bestPlay, Rovest... Send the link to clubs website such as,,, send the link to all agents and scouts in your connections.