VETERAN FOOTBALL CLUB: How I Made N7 Million a Year Playing Football with the Oldies

 I think my 70 years old dad and his football perspective is quite weird. Old school you may say. But he would insist that they played better football in their time. I felt I shouldn't be hearing this. I needed to run-off with my guys to the stadium or the viewing center down the street; but when I look into my dad’s eyes and saw a kind of loneliness swept through them. I know how he cherished those moments we argued football or sat down together to watch a football game on television. I began to see it as an opportunity.

My dad was an ardent football fan. In fact, he played for the Marine FC in the 60s' as well as the red devils (the old Nigeria national team). He would walk to the near by school field when ever he heard that the dynamos boys club will be playing a match. Right there at the field, he will meet some few oldies like him and the young lads will get chairs for them to sit down and watch the game. Those time he cherished so much. I usually wondered how many more of these oldies were around town. You know we talk more about catching them young, what about catching them old...

There are many oldies that still love the game of football, but are too old to be involved. May be, they not too old in the heart. They still want to be involved somehow, but their sons, the busy professionals and their high energy teenage grand sons, do not just have the time to take care of there needs. Well, this is a great opportunity anyone could take advantage of to rake in millions of Naira.

I got it all worked out. It's a welfare business for the oldies. It's an opportunity for the "old boys" to socialize again and I know my old dad will pay any price just to be a member of the Veteran Club. Then, I went to Shodex garden to rent their facility. They have a space about one quarter of a normal football field. They have a good restaurant with a flat screen television and good toilets...

So, I went on to advertise the Veteran Football club for oldies from 60 years and above. I shared fliers in Churches, hospitals and pension offices. And the response was so remarkable. Just two weeks after I shared the fliers, over 20 old boys paid a membership fee of N100, 000 each. Their children were happy to pay for them. Moreover, the old boys by themselves contributed to buy state of the art equipment, balls, jerseys, and other training facilities.

It worked this way, the old boys attend the club three times a week - Monday, Wednesday, and Saturdays as well as times when there is interesting football match to watch. They only train for 45 minutes for some of them that can still run around, then they get to the restaurant to watch old school matches played in the 60s' and early 70s' to reminisce their heroes. Players like Pele, Esubio, and Beckenbuer... They also listen to old tunes and get as much news about the old musicians of their time. And from time to time, I organize novelty match with the Lions club or Rotary club around the area.

The Veteran Football club has brought a new lease of life for the oldies and now we cannot accommodate all the oldies rushing to register with us. It’s amazing how a flash of idea I got from my old dad has turned out into six to seven figure business. Do you know what, you too can start your own veteran club in your area. Its a welfare job that pays in millions and lots of goodies that follow. You can never tell, one oldie could just will all his Estate to you...Ah ah ah ah ah ah!