BROCHURE 2.0 BOYCOTTS SALESMEN: Learn How to Design The Version That Sell More Tickets to Football Fans

 Did you know that football fans still keep brochure of their favorite club or league in their closest? Over 60 percent of football fans today has some kind of version in their mobile device.
Why is brochure so valuable to fans? And fans are in the look out for it when a new season starts.  My friend Eric Kanya has a copy of Manchester united brochure on his Mobile phone and he goes about virtually everywhere with it. He said, "man-u brochure allow me on the spot check of the up coming fixtures as well as find out some added incentives for each game."

Most sport marketers know that brochure is on hand sales material 'speaking' for the team where there is no sales person to persuade the customer. Brochures are often a key element in marketing sport products - ticket to merchandise and membership. Brochures are specially critical in promoting teams and association's programs and events. It means a football club or association that is not producing brochures are short changing their sales potentials.

Today, automated brochure is evolving. The electronic version 2.0 is an application delivered like a PDF attachment to your email box; but it has several features. When you receive it by email, you're required to install it on your device. After you have installed it, you will begin to receive alerts about the club's next game, ticket prices and discounts as well as other added incentives. The application works this way : It can update itself when games are rescheduled or when there is a new sales promotion. It also has a chart below where you can fill in your Credit card details and purchase an e-ticket for the next game. The e-ticket is delivered automatically to your email box if the transaction is successful.

It's easier when your club already has spectators mailing list and you can send the version 2:0 brochure to each of them via their email address or mobile phone number. As long as the fan doesn't discard or uninstall it, he or she will always be the club's potential customer. The exciting thing is the application update itself each new season and fans need not look for new season's brochure anymore.

Well, the beauty is not in the automation, Version 2.0 brochure contain some key elements that makes it so valuable to fans. The creator understood what fans expect to see in a club's brochure and made it easy for them to find such information and complete transactions.

Five Key Element You Will Find in Version 2.0 Brochure

A Calendar: A calendar is essential, since some fans select games to attend and plan dates well in advance. The fixtures and time schedule for each game is clearly specified in the brochure.

Ticket Prices and Discounts:  Fans want to know the price for each ticket plan - from one time purchase to group and season's plan. The table clearly highlight discounts associated to each group, including children, seniors and less privileged. The brochure designed a table for each ticket plan, prices and discounts.

A focus On Added Value: Appropriate value added elements could persuade some certain class of spectators to attend a game. The brochure emphasis on such extras as fan hall, Invited popular musician or other entertaining groups that may perform before or during the half time of the game.

A star Parade: The level of a team's competitiveness is perceived from the star players and coaches on the team list. Version 2.0 specially show case the team star players with relevant statistics of current performance. This is what get fans attention and build their emotions to desire the next game.

A Clear Imagery of Stadium Facilities: Fans want to see a clear imagery of the stadium and directions as to the car pack, ticket boots, entrance, toilets, security gadgets and emergency exits etc.Version 2.0 clearly show case these key elements.