CHOOSE A SOCCER APPLICATION HERE: As A Fan You Should Start to Enjoy One On Your Mobile Phone

 I am just loving my football life. Thanks to technology - Internet and application developers - I get so excited by the day. I downloaded this application on my mobile phone "Score Mobile FC" that give me score of the game going on live around the world. I also get previews, recaps and video of the game. Well, the video doesn't really work on my smartphone. It crashes anytime I click on it and I've not tried it out on my i-pad2. My friends said "Soccer live Scores" is better, it could play video on Android, iPhone as well as Blackberry. Well, I've not tried it either. Maybe, I am just enjoying Score Mobile FC and there's no need to look for another.

But there are lots of good soccer applications you can use on your mobile device. As a football fan you have to be on the flow even, when you're on the go. You don't have to miss anything anymore; eat, sleep and dream football. So you should have one or more of these applications on your mobile phone.

Well, I don't know the type of mobile phone you use or the brand, but some of these soccer applications work better on smartphones and tablets. Whether you use Blackberry, iPhone, Android or windows smartphones, there's application market for you. Guess what, you can get some of the applications FREE. And for some, you may be asked to pay a token. I'll give you links to some of the markets. Check your smartphone and find out if it's Blackberry, iPhone, Android or Windows, then click on the right logo below to link you now.

BlackBerry App Market

Apple iPhone Store

Android Apps Market

Windows Apps Market

Check out all the listed applications and choose the one that best suit your need. Make sure you read the descriptions very well, to know what the applications can do for you. Also scroll down to read users review of the application. Notice if the users are saying it's not OK. Then, don't download it. It means some or all of the features may not be working well. The market allows users to rate the application as well as comment on how they feel and their experience with the software. So if you are able to download one and enjoying the features, don't forget to rate and comment about the software. It's a way of saying thank you to the developer as well as promoting the work - Just as I am doing here now.

Maybe, you should oblige me a little too. If this blog post helped you find a soccer application you like, comment on the box below. I want to know the kind of impact I am making and how to tailor my future blog posts. If not, I will not be wasting my time on this.