GLOBAL FANS REACH: Why Your Football Club Should Have A Portal Website

 I believe Chelsea FC has more fans in West Africa than in the whole of UK where the club base. May be, it's because the team's key players, Didier Drogba, Micheal Essien, Mikel Obi are from Cote de'voire, Ghana and Nigeria respectively. For instance, in Nigeria where I live, Chelsea has over 5 million crazy fans who are so ready to do anything for the growth of the club. And I think Manchester United has far more than that number.

You see, technology has evolved over the years, particularly in relation to media - satellite television and the Internet - has given fans the opportunity to identify with their favorite teams and players across the world. Therefore, your football club should not restrict its operations to the local environment alone. Fans who don't live near the team are seeking for opportunity to maintain or increase their affiliation with the club. Your football club's website meet these needs for them.

 The trend today is the football club's website serve as a promotional vehicle as well as platform for money making.
First, the web site promote the club by providing up to date information about its' activities, games and events.
Second, the web site provide a means for fans to purchase club merchandise, donate and pay for membership/ ticket subscriptions from anywhere in the world.

Then, it's more frustrating for your fans if your club web site is static, "banner like" web pages that is not regularly updated. And you know what.. Your club will not be covering its global market opportunities. so that means you're letting go a lot of money that would have come to the club - that's not good for the club's bottomline!

Get your club to invest in automated website with auto responder, autopilot, video streaming, payment charts.. A web site that is robust and more interactive. You could check out the web site of some of the top clubs in Europe - Arsenal, FCBarcelona, Juventus, Bayern Munich... to get some clue

In fact, your club's website should include the following information:
+ Club history
+ Biographical information on players and performers/ statistics
+ Schedule of events, games, activities
+ Ticket purchase options ( e-ticket)
+ Merchandise sales opportunities ( e-stores)
+ Fan pages ( chat rooms and discussion forum)
+ Contact options ( availability of email with players, broadcasters, management or front office personnel's phone numbers.
+ Video and audio clips of the club's game actions or highlights
+ Newspapers or other publications about the club or players.
+ Links to related web sites or web pages ( in the case of a league, links to sites of all clubs participating in the league).

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