CHRISTIAN FOOTBALL PLAYER: Understanding The Mission Of Your Profession

Your case is different if you are a Christian. You’re not just a football player; you’re a football player with a difference. It may not be so for other football professionals, their motivation may be different. It may be passion for the sport or to make lots of wealth and enjoy global fame. That’s nice in its right, but for a Christian football professional the purpose is different. The purpose is to reach the football world with the gospel of Christ.

You have been called, you have been chosen. That is why God gave you such great playing talent so you can reach the football world for Christ. You should understand that you’re first a Christian before you became a football player. Your Christianity is what matters most. The primary assignment of every Christian is to win souls for Christ and establish men unto righteousness – to expand the kingdom of God here on earth.

Football sport reaches over 50 billion people across the world and provides you a great avenue of expression. As a football player, your teammates, Club associates and fans are people you can reach effectively with the gospel. God needs you to reach these set of people. There are people you meet or relate with that nobody else can reach effectively except you.

God has given every Christian the responsibility of speaking for Him. God gave you such a privilege the day you got born again and the Holy Spirit come to dwell in you. You should be passionate about speaking for God.  Use every occasion and opportunity available to you. When you are called to make a speech or commentaries, make sure you ease such opportunity to communicate Christ and acknowledge his power at work in you.

Be bold and courageous about it. You may face challenges today or even go through persecutions. Your teammates may laugh you to scorn. Be strong in the lord and take courage. It may not be the “in thing” to do in the club house, but it is your main assignment to preach the gospel. Go stand before the people and speak to them all the word of life you have received. Let them see the result of Christ in you.


·         Let your lifestyle be a daily epistle for other people to read daily and get inspired. Be passionate about preaching the gospel, recognize and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

·         Use your resources to sponsor the gospel and the work, for expansion of the kingdom of God. You can partner with a ministry of your choice and consistently give your money for the growth of the work.

·         Discover human needs around you and help to meet them for the people. You’re the solution the world seeks. Your football career has put so much resource in your hands. Become a hope to the despondent, become strength to the weary. Let your light so shine before men that all may see the glory of God in you. THIS IS YOUR TIME TO WIN FOR GOD.