2013 FOOTBALL TRIAL CAMP IN LAGOS: 3 Benefits For Players That Would Participate In The Two Weeks Event

300 players are expected to participate in the 1st GreenHunters Football Trial Camp in Lagos Nigeria. The camp will begin sometime in February 2013. It’s an open trials for talented players between the Ages of 17 to 22 years.

There would be a Pre-trial session, if more than 300 players register effectively. Only the very talented ones can make it to the camp. According to Helen Chukwueke, Media Relations Officer of Green Hunters Sports International, “We’ve designed various ways to discover the unserious and not too talented players. The ‘I can play’ inruders would be screened out before the camp proper.”

3 Benefits Of The Football Trial Camp To Participant Players

1.       It would be an opportunity to be selected by foreign clubs. Jose Martinez, a Scout of Liverpool FC England anf FC Melbourne Australia, will be present. Also Christian Omlor, a Scout of Schalke 04, will be present. And both Scouts would be selecting players for the clubs they represent.

2.       Talented players would learn various techniques of modern football that will help them in their career.  Roger Bongearts, Head, Youth Development VVV.Venlo and owner of Total Soccer Method, will be present to prepare players during the trials and teach them techniques on how to handle their professional football career as a player.

3.       It would be an opportunity to get sign on by GreenHunters Sports International. Yes, GreenHuters would be signing contract with some players, to manage them in their football career. Such players would begin to enjoy professional consult – contract negotiation with clubs and brand endorsements.

This may just be the opportunity you have been looking for. Register  Here