Jerome Valcke, FIFA General Secretary

Football is dead, if the outcome of the matches is prearranged. FIFA general secretary, Jerome Valcke spoke vehemently against it after European Football Chief, Michel Platini branded match fixing as the greatest threat to the future of football in an interview with French radio.

"If you know the end of the party (of the game), then definitely football is dead!"  Valcke said, "That's the beauty of the game, the appeal of the sport lies in its unpredictability. You never know who will be the winner."

"It can be the team you think would win, but it can also be the other team. The opponent who can make it because it's just played on one goal. So that's why we must protect football as much as we can."

So if you love this sport, you should join in the fight against match fixing, which has already eaten deep into the fabric of the beautiful game. It's not just about Africa. It is in Asia, it is in Europe, It is in North America, It is in Canada, It is in South America. It's all around the world.

Valcke warned that the fight could take up to 10 years, because match fixing is a highly lucrative business, and urges anyone with knowledge of such activity to come forward.

"when I was in Rome where we had this meeting with Interpol and 50 of the European Associations; I heard that the business of match manipulations per year is around E100 billion Euros. It's an amazing figure." Valcke said.

"I think it'll be very very long fight and it'll be very difficult to win. and if we want to win, we must be together. All the people who love football - media, fans, players, managers... should be together against this great monster."

In May 2011, FIFA donated US$ 25 million to Interpol over 10 years, the largest grant the world police organization had ever received from a private body, with a view to tackling corruption.

In January 2013, FIFA handed lifetime ban to 41 South Korean players who had been involved in prearranging matches.

It followed December 2012 suspension of the President of South Africa Football Association ahead of an investigation into match fixing in the country prior to it hosting the 2010 World cup.

So you see, FIFA is already doing a lot to combat this disease, but you too must join in the fight.

Can you imagine a world without football? Match fixing is threaten to kill the game and put it into extinction in the near future. It's a serious matter.