You may take the air for granted, but when you grasp for breathe after you may have run around the pitch playing football or supporting your favorite team, then you'll understand what children with respiratory organ challenges are passing through. They watch other children play football on the street, but couldn't join them because their heart would fail them.

As you read this now, over 200 children with cardiovascular problems may have dead in Nigeria. And over a million are on life support, needing urgent medical attention. Some need to be flown abroad to undergo surgical operation, so such heart deformity maybe corrected and the children stay alive.

For each Child, the surgery may cost several millions of US - Dollars. And Nwankwo Kanu, the ex - Nigeria International football star - has over the years donated his football earnings. Perhaps, because he once had a hole in the heart and may have felt what these patience are suffering. Indeed, he has saved many children by sponsoring their Hospital bills through the Kanu Heart Foundation (KHF).

Kanu shouldn't carry the burden of the Heart Foundation alone, even now that he has retired from active football. He may have used his popularity and the attention football get in Nigeria to raise fund for the health care of these children and we shouldn't allow such laudable project fade away with time. I think, every well meaning football player as well as fans should give their support to KHF.

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