GIORGOS KATDIS Goal celebration Earn Him Life Ban

Giorgos Katdis 'Fascist Salute' Goal Celebration

Be careful how you celebrate a goal! Giorgos Katdis, AEK Athen's midfielder has already been handed life ban from national team by Greek federation; after celebrating a goal with a fascist salute.

He has also been suspended by his club until the end of the season when the consequences of his behavior will be looked into again.

In a statement, AEK confirmed the rumors that the club future of the one time Greek under 19 captain is now in serious question. A section of AEK's influential fan group, Original 21, has already said that it wishes to see Katdis expelled from the club for life.

However, the club said, "whether katdis continues or not at the club will be decided in the Summer after giving him the chance to prove if his behavior was as result of immaturity and after assessing whether his re-introduction into the team will be possible without triggering any shock waves to AEK."

The move follows widespread criticism of the 20 years old's behavior. Although, the player claims that he was ignorant of the full meaning of his actions; that he was only thinking of a unique way to celebrate his goal.

AEK has long been proud of its reputation as a club with a left feel. It was founded in 1924 by Greek refugees from Constantinople (now Istanbul), - with 'AEK' standing for Athletic Union of Constantinople in English -  following the Greco - Turkish war of 1919 - 1922.

Katdis in Serious Trouble
An example of the club's political leanings came when AEK played a friendly in Belgrade against a local side Partizan in April 1999, a forthnight into NATO's bombing campaign of Serbia in a show of solidarity.

Given this background, not to mention Germany's detested war time occupation of Greece and the rise in neo-fascist political party, Golden Dawn, Katdis behavior insulted what the club represents and greatly offended the club's support.

Katdis has since admitted the studity of his actions. "I made the mistake so I will be the one to pay. AEK is not responsible." Katdis statement read. His club ban follows on his statement, asking to be dropped him from the first team because of the way he had offended the history of AEK.