KIDDIES HOLIDAY FOOTBALL CAMP: Let Your Son Learn Some New Football skills This Long Vacation

 When you reach my age and didn't find yourself to be that football star you have always wanted to be, then simply pass the dream over to your little boy. There's nothing wrong about it, if you want him to be the next Lionel Messi or Cristano Ronaldo. Perhaps, you have seen the family traits in him - that he has 'talent' and you want to groom all that. There's nothing wrong. It's just a father's dream for his dear son. Now, I'm joking!

Seriously, your kid's life isn't just about studying books alone. And I hope you aren't planning to give them another private teacher during the holidays. Let them explore new skills and have some new experiences - It's holidays for Christ sake. It'll surely reinvigorate them when they get back to school.

That means your kids can pack their bags and head off to kiddies holiday football camp with their friends. So for a week or two, kids can sleep away from Mom and Dad and work on, Shots at goal, dribbles, shielding the ball, passes, trapping and ball control - Whatever the coach ask them to do.

Your kids can really get better this coming holiday from July - September. You see, most camps are located on school campuses or YMCA facilities and run by professional coaches, so the kids will have the thrill of tasting first hand what it is like to hit the big time professional team scene. It'll be an unforgettable experience for them.

So, if you're not taking the kids to Summer holidays abroad, we can help you find a sport camp near you. But if you're in Lagos Nigeria, then you can start making plans to camp your kids with us. We're planning to have a camp located at Corona Schools, Anthony Village, off Oshodi - Gbagada expressway.

Now, it isn’t just another kiddes football camp. We've reached an advanced stage in our discussions to franchise 'Total Soccer Method (TSM) Netherlands.'  TSM is well equiped and have proven methods of impacting ‘football intelligence’ on Kids between 9 to about 14 years old.

We're hoping we can start this July or August, but we can only accommodate 100 children in this first edition. We want you to register your interest by signing up your child below. Register here

Note: Your kid should be 9 - 14 years old and a male. However, we may still screen him out, if he is too big or more mature than other kids.