FOOTBALL COMMENTATORS: Which is the World Most Exciting Domestic League?

 The most exciting domestic league may not necessarily be the strongest football league in the world. Looking at the topic critically, you may say the Spanish la liga teams and Brazilian league teams have dominated the world clubs championship recently; which is perhaps an indication that both leagues are probably the strongest in the world.

But commentators says the Spanish la liga is a two horse race. Perhaps, El Classico (Real Madrid VS Barcelona) is the single most exciting domestic game in the world. But 43% fans that commented said, English Barclay's Premier league is the most exciting.

According to Nazgul from Canada, "It should be Barclay's Premier league. La liga is a two horse race, a battle for 3rd. Serie A has great teams and players, but the style of their best teams may be effective, but not normally what most viewers would call 'exciting.' The Bundesliga is up there, but there are still only about 2 dominant teams also. In English premier league, anyone can beat anyone else at any time. Even relegation is fun to watch."

22% says it's Spanish La liga
15% says it's Brazilian league
10% says it's German Bundesliga
8% says it's Italian Serie A

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