TRAINING FOR STARDOM: Why Do You Want To Be A Football Star?

I guess you may laugh at this question. Why do you want to be a football star? The answer seem so obvious. Yeah, which footballer doesn’t dream to be like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Rolando, Nyemar, Robben… Getting all the attention, endorsements and piles of Dollars very other week. But seriously, why do you want to be a football star??

There are basically two things you may enjoy as a football star: You’ll be rich and influential; your voice and character will be amplified.

Everyone want to associate with the next star on the block. People are ready to listen to you even when you are not making much sense. But first, you have to pay the price of hard work. You must be that professional all the time and respect your contracts with other parties. There’s no more private life for you. Paparazzi is sneaking and snooping  you all the time.

Footballers who are not trained for stardom may miss it. They may fall short in character and may lead people to get all the wrong perceptions about them. Imagine such great players like John Terry and Wayne Rooney whose characters were marred in the mud of illicit sex . They can longer be seen as worthy role models in UK.

You must understand that when you become a football star you are a role model and an ambassador of a nation or cause. The question is which cause will you like to pursue when you eventually become a football star?

For instance, we all saw David Beckham display the gay tattoo during his final match at PSG, as a sign of his support for gay footballers. Mario Balotelli has been an apostle against racism and the discrimination of black football players around the world.

I listened to a message from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome titled: “The Pursuit of Purpose.” He said; “ Your life actually begin when you discover your purpose and begin to run with it.  What will be your purpose as footballer?

Here in Africa, Players like Nwankwo Kanu has supported some laudable projects:  KHF, 1 Goal, Kick-off Polio… But the prevalent display of Voodoo, illicit sex, drugging and all form of devilish acts is quite disturbing. A school of thought believes that football is a devil’s game. I think It isn’t true. Football is just a medium of expression. One of the fastest vehicle that carry messages around the world. Its just that we don’t have much Christians using it.

You may decide to take the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ to the football world. Great gospel evangelist like Kaka may soon retire from active football. God needs you! He needs more Christians to proclaim the gospel to the football world. You can say yes to that call today. This may be the real reason why God want to make a football star. You make that vow to God, then you will see doors of opportunities open up for your football career.

Inspire Football is already getting recruits for training. You can sign up today to be part of this great move of the spirit  for the  furtherance of the gospel.


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