Google Alerts Can Send You Latest News and Updates of Your Favorite Teams – Create Your Free Alerts Now

Why pay money for what you can get free? I know you have good reasons why you subscribed to those SMS alerts that send you instant news of your favorite football teams or leagues. And you just pay a token, N100 per week or N75/ 5 days – that’s OK. It isn’t much of a price, eh!

What about a scout, who monitors players or opponent teams to get latest updates of what is happening in their camp. You may have to spend substantial sum of money to swoop information direct from such opponent’s camp or what do you think?

Perhaps, you may be a Sports Professor or journalist on a research project to study about a team or league or country’s football culture. You may need to travel down to the place to gather data. That can be another money spending spree for you.

But you know what? You may just be paying for your ignorance! If you have an Internet enabled Smartphone or laptop that can download emails, you can get more breaking news, scores and other info about your favorite teams or leagues. All for FREE! Without Price!

I’m not revealing something new to you. Google Alerts have been around for a while and lots of people already knew how to use it in such advance ways to suite their personal purposes. You too can use it to keep taps on your favorite football teams or leagues.

Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant news, audio and video weblinks sent to your email box based on your queries.

You can enter a query you wish to monitor for instance, “Nigeria Professional Football League News and Scores.” You may even narrow it down to say “Kano Pillars FC News.” I know Nigerian fans are more passionate about EPL. You may prefer to query “English Premier League News and Scores” or say, “Chelsea FC News.” Then you will see a preview of the type of email you’ll be receiving

You can keep adjusting the query ‘keywords’ until you get a preview of email that suite your desire. You may not want to receive all the news Google search can download from the web. Therefore, you can request for only the best results and a customized email formats be sent to you.

Second, you can determine how often you wish to receive such emails. You can be the first to know if you set an instant download as the news break out on the web or you may prefer to get it once a day or once a week – as you desire.

Third, you can diversify your queries if you have more than one favorite team or league, You can create up to 1000 alerts, but you can only have up to 10 unverified alerts sent to your mail box at any given time.

Click here to create your first Google Alerts and see how it works.