2014 GOAL: Find A Life Coach, You’ll Need Him More Than A Football Coach

Football fans want the best coaches for their favorite teams. It’s the same for football players, especially the young and upcoming ones, who are still learning the rudiments of the game. A good coach can help you develop better as a player. He can teach you some technical skills which may put you over as a top flight player in future. This is why as a young footballer you need to look out for a very good coach. Their impact is so invaluable to future.

Anything worth doing is worth training for. We all go for the best trainers in our various professions as it is with football. But one thing we don’t realize also is about life. We all need a life coach more than anything else. A good football coach can make you one of the best players in the world, but if you don’t understand how to handle the vagaries of life, you will still fail as a footballer.

I can tell you this, as a player manager, I have seen a lot of fantastic players fall by the way side in their journey to top flight football career. Either they have attitude problem or they couldn’t handle early success; the fame and money that comes with football life. 

A life coach will help you over come all the pitfall of life and make you an everlasting success, even after your career as a footballer; you will continue to reign in life.

While studying the scriptures, I became interested in the story of David. How he mastered the principles of life and was able to turn his mistakes into success. I also discovered that everyone who was closely associated with him also became a success too. The scripture recorded at a time, some men who were poor, distressed and frustrated with life all came to David to become their leader. The men later became so prosperous that they gave so much gold and silver for the building of the temple. They were then called ‘mighty men of David.’

Solomon, who was personally trained by David to succeed the throne as King of Israel, became the richest man on earth. He learns that same principles of life from his father David. We need such life coach in our time. Indeed, Jesus was the greatest life coach that ever came on earth, because he was God himself, the creator of life.

 I have found one in our time. I have followed this man, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome over the years and I have seen some of the greatest strides he has achieved in his ministry. I have also observed that millions of his followers around the world, I mean those who closely follow after his sayings, have all become prosperous and successful in all their endeavors.  Click here to read more about Pastor Chris.

This is the life coach I am introducing to you this New Year. He is the David of our time. He is the Jesus we can see and touch today. Let your goal in 2014 be to discover now best you can begin to follow this great man of God. He will not only make you a great footballer, he will make you a champion in life. This is my special gift to you this year. Happy New Year!


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