Do You Still Close the Bathroom Door When Your Team mate is around?

 Kingsley Onye was a very private person. I can still remember when he signed for NPA football club. He was that shy and felt odd to shower in the public bathroom as he called it. While everyone enjoyed the team bath after training, Kingsley would rather wait for every one of his team mates to finish before he can go in and shut the door. In some extreme situation, he will shower with his clothes on. We usually ask ourselves “what’s he hiding?”

That’s exactly the question. Do you still close the bathroom door when your team mates is around? I could almost hear you say, “it depends; if I am close to the guys then it doesn’t matter. But if the team is mixed with both ladies and gentlemen, then it would be immoral to expose my nakedness.” That’s right eh? Wrong!

English scholars say it’s a wrong grammar to say, ‘when your team mates is around.’ Rather, it’s ‘when your team mates are around.’ But I can tell you why the sentence isn’t wrong at all. You see the word ‘team’ isn’t qualified with a plural verb ‘are.’ A team is regarded to be singular though, it may have more than one player involved.

 Now football is a team game, just the way an army is a team. It lives, eats, baths, sleeps, plays and fights as a team. The individuality stuff is a bunch of crap. The columnist who wrote those stuff about individuality in team sports for the Saturday Post don’t know any more about real football game than she do about fornicating.

When a player begin to exhibit attitude among his or her team mates, then something is definitely wrong. I also remembered that Kingsley Onye was perceived as an imposter and we usually sidelined him in most things the team was doing. We couldn’t earn his friendship and trust, even though he was a great defender; he wasn’t always included in the team during important games. So, he was soon frustrated out of the club.

It’s not about physical nakedness. It’s not about football alone. In fact, it is required of you in most teamwork. You have to open the door for your team mates to see that you’re not hiding anything. You need to be open and cooperate with your team members to earn their trust and endorsement of your membership in the team.

In football, teams tend to maximize productivity when they form into highly cohesive unit. It’s the extent to which team members are attracted to the team and motivate to remain part of it that will make the team formidable.

Team cohesiveness typically increases when members openly interact frequently, share common attitude and goals, and enjoy being together.

Diego Simone, manager of Athletico Madrid football club, attributes the success of his team this year to the cohesiveness that comes from shared values. Simone believes that players in this team placed high values on fitness, intensity in training, individual respect and respect of the group, both in and off the field. Beyond every expectations, Athletico Madrid won the La Liga and in the finals of UEFA Champions League.