The survey conducted by GreenHunters Sports International on how fans plan to follow 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, provides insight into Sport’s Second Screen Boom.

A second screen refers to the use of a computing device (commonly a mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone to provide an enhanced viewing experience for content on another device, such as a television. In particular, the term commonly refers to the use of such devices to provide interactive features during "linear" content, such as a television program, served within a special app.

 Large number of fans is now following football on second screen while watching the game on television. The fans’ popular activity is to follow live text commentaries (Blogging) on their tablets or Smartphone while watching the same game or following another game on TV.

According to ‘Know the Fan’ – The Global Sports Media Consumption Report meant to be published on June 3, 2014: “The proportion of football fans using an Internet-Connected device to follow the game while watching on TV range from 29% in Japan to 74% in Turkey.”

In Brazil, China, USA, UK, Australia and Nigeria more than half of the fans polled responded that they will be using their device to follow 2014 FIFA World Cup while watching the mundial on TV.

After studying the draft of the ‘Annual Know The Fan Report,’ GreenHunters Sports International went on to track down the shift in football consumption trend and how it would affect 2014 FIFA World cup media consumption pattern.

20 countries from the five continents were covered:
  • Africa – Nigeria, Algeria, Cameroon and South Africa
  • Asia – China, India, Iran, Australia
  • Europe – UK, Germany, Greece, Spain
  • North America – USA, Mexico, Canada and Columbia
  • South America - Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

In each country, 1, 000 interviews were conducted online between May 27 to June 4, 2014. This is a representative of a combined total fan population across the 20 countries surveyed, which are over 3 billion people.

The most common second screen activity most fans engage-in is following live football App on their device. Other activities include:
  • Watching short video clips (Play back)
  • Communicating with friend about the match
  • Communicating with a global community of fans on social media networking sites
  • Posting comments on Social media networking sites
  • Monitoring another live football game
  • Placing online football bet…

Edward Spencer, an English fan who spoke to us on Skype said: “The second screen actually compliments television. It provides us with more in-depth details of an on-going match. Apart from the minute-by-minute text commentaries I get from bloggers, it also allows me to share my view points as well as read what other fans and friends are writing about the match across the globe.”

“It’s so exciting really, when you log on to Twitter or Google+ or when you use ‘Live football App.’  You could watch video playback clips, monitor other games you are interested in, place online football bet… It’s more of an integrated package delivered to you on your Tab or Smartphone. I’ll surely derive better utility satisfaction if I use my device to follow 2014 FIFA World cup.” Spencer concluded.

Frank Dunne, Editor of TV sports market said, “We know that second screening is now second nature to most sports fans, especially younger fans, but for the first time we can see exactly what they are up to with those tablets and Smartphone.  And I know 2014 FIFA world cup won’t be left out. These are valuable insights for anyone in the sports broadcasting value chain; whether they are Right-holders, Broadcasters, Telco, Agencies or consultants, Advertisers… They could easily understand the shift in football media consumption trend.

I strongly recommend the report ‘The Fourth Annual Know the Fan Report 2014. Contact: