I should tell you this; if you’re invited to be among the 200 players that would participate in 2014 GreenBall Trial Camp, then count yourself as favored.

It means the door of opportunity has been flung wide open for you and now, the ball is on your court. When you take your first kick of the ball in the camp, you’ve indeed kick start your international football career on a platter of gold.

Yes, you could become truly international and Greenball Trial camp can be that stepping stone you have so desired. For two weeks you will be in camp, in a very conducive atmosphere on the out sketch of Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria.

Great weather! August as you know is a time the rain takes a break and the sweet tropical sunshine shimmers after the cool night dawns. It’s usually crowned with longer day and shorter night – the best time to play football!

The hazy sights of the morning fogs and fairly warm evening provide superb weather for intense football training. The players will have the drill and the thrill of tasting first hand what it’s like to hit the big time professional football scene.

The Dutch Youth football player development expert, Roger Bongaerts, would be working with the boys, helping them develop essential technical skills and game intelligence required for their career success.

I guess this’ what you are itching to know. Outstanding players may get the attention of scouts like Paul Stretford and that may earn such select players invitation to try out in some top flight clubs abroad, especially in Europe.

The performance of every participant would be scientifically tracked; Scouting reports as well as training/ match videos produced and made available to as many scouts online. This is the reason I said, to be in the camp is to kick start your international career in the right direction.

The truth is this, any player that goes through Bongearts training regime this coming weeks, would for sure; get much better in the game. He would polish players’ talents or some innate skills discovered during the camping. He would expose to players some silent skills managers and scout watch out for in a player.

Roger Bongaerts, Head Coach, Youth Development Program at VVV.Venlo and founder Total Soccer Method (TSM) will be the main instructor among others in the camp.

Bongaerts had worked as former Head Coach, Men Soccer at University of Kansas USA; former Coach, Adidas Youth Academy Germany and Scout of Arsenal FC of England. He has a lot to impart on players both on the field and in the classroom. Bongaerts has a Doctorate Degree in Physical Education and sports management.

It’s such a great opportunity and for players that will be participating in the 2014 edition, below is some of the benefits:

  • Football Career Guidance and Counseling

  • Training programs of international standard, both on the field and in the classroom

  • Scouting report for each player that participated

  • Video clips and score card of each player’s progress during the camp

  • Letter of Invitation to travel for trial in clubs abroad – for selected players

  • And football educational materials – eBooks, Training Videos, Fantasy football games etc.

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