5 FAQ ABOUT FOOTBALL TRIAL CAMP: How to Find the Best Opportunity for You

The first step that you need to take when you want to start a professional football career is to attend a trial camp. This is when probably you have graduated from a football academy or already playing in amateur football league and have attained at least the age of 16 – 18 years, when you may be permitted by law to work.

What is A Football Trial Camp?
A football trial camp isn’t a practice test organized by a club; rather it is a camp where you are giving a specialized training to prepare you for the career ahead. Football trial camps could take the form of players’ clinic or tournament where scouts and agents are invited. So it is a place where a great talent could instantly be discovered.

Why Should I Consider Attending A Trial Camp?
Only very few players are opportune to get into the cadet national teams. So it may be difficult for Scouts to spot you if you haven’t played in any established tournament like FIFA U17 or U21 World Cup.

You may be short changing yourself if you are still waiting endlessly, hoping that one day a scout will show up at that remote playground to see you play – that may never happen! This is the reason trial camps are so important. It is another opportunity to be discovered. I think it is a kind of pulling strategy adopted by the organizers to create an avenue where scouts can meet potential great players.

Any player that fully participated in a trial camp will be exposed to techniques and skills required to scale through any practice test in the world. The players’ clinic aspect in most trial camps are very robust and handled by experienced coaches and managers. So it in case you weren’t selected to by  the scouts to attend any practice test, you would have still gained a lot from the camp.

How Can I Choose the Right Trial Camp Opportunity?
Selecting a trial camp is a major decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. The trial camp you choose could become a pendulum that could determine where your football career swings.

There are several trial camps going on around the world, so you should make critical search to determine which one is best for you. You need to find out who are the trainers and what clout the trial camp have to attract scouts from top clubs around the world?

GreenHunters Sports International is affiliated with some top quality trial camps such as: FootballCv in the UK; Nike Soccer Camp in the US; Soccer Scholarship in Azerbaijan and Zoncheng football show in China… You can save a lot in discounts you receive if you come through us.

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How Much Does It Cost to Go for A Trial Camp?
Most trial camps are paid for and may cost you quite some money.  So it may not only be something about the trial camp, but something that fits your budget.

The cost of attending a trial camp varies quite a bit depending on several factors: location of the camp from your place of residence, the duration of the camp, the type of facilities and personnel available in such camp. In all, it’s about the organizers pricing system.

Sponsored trial camps such as Nike Soccer Camp, greatly subsidize the cost for attendees and Soccer Scholarship in Azerbaijan may allow you attend for free. But you must sign agreement with the organizers to pay a percentage commission in case you are selected by a scout and you eventually succeed in signing an employment contract with any club.

When Should I Start the Process for the Next Trial Camp?
Most trial camp are scheduled to hold during summer, except for trial camps such as FootballCV and Zoncheng Football Show that hold quarterly and twice a year respectively.

You should start now to plan for the next summer or so. Make contact with the trial camp and start the admission process immediately. Most of these trial camps can be found online.

Ask for alternative pricing or rebate if you have your own private accommodation and feeding arrangement, unless off course, it isn’t permitted by the rules of the trial camp.

You may also start planning on how to obtain Visas if you are from a foreign country. Go to the embassy to find out what other document are required from you and start processing them in time.

GreenHunters Sports International can make it easier for you if you plan to attend any of our affiliate trial camps. Contact us now: +234 809 877 2556 or email: gh.sports1@gmail.com