EBOLA GOES OFFSIDE!: A More Sure Way to Prevent and Cure the Ravaging Virus

This post about the prevention and cure of Ebola virus may seem out of place here, since we do not cover medical science or spiritual matters so to say. But I realized that we reach so many people across the world through this medium and to withhold such important information that could save one more life isn’t right.

I know we reach more of football consumers. We have the potential to reach over a billion people across the world.

We have seen how Ebola Virus is already disrupting our beautiful game. Some countries in Africa are already refusing to host the nation’s cup qualifiers because of the Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa.

Nobody can be inspired by fear or by the ravaging virus. World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that 20, 000 people may die of the virus in West Africa in the next six months – that’s serious!

Medical science hasn’t found the exact cure, but is still experimenting on drugs like Zmapp, JK5 and Nano Silver. Yet Ebola is fast spreading into the innermost towns and cities in West Africa. The Liberian President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said, “the whole world is at risk of Ebola Virus!”

However, there is a more sure way to prevent and stop the ravaging virus – the spiritual way!

Spiritual way doesn’t make sense to medical science and the principle explained here may not be of general acceptance. I only encourage you to try it out, after all, there’s no sure scientific solution.

But I am specifically addressing specie of the human race – everyone who has received Eternal Life. By now, you should know what ‘powers’ your being – the natural life or Eternal Life??

Greek translated the natural life as ‘Suke’ – the life that depend on blood for survival. When the blood is infected by a virus or Bacteria, the man begin to feel sick and may die.

The Same Greek translated another as ‘Zoe’ – which is Eternal life. The life you receive at the new birth, when you receive Jesus Christ as your Lord.

Eternal Life is the God kind. This life doesn’t depend on blood for survival; rather it depends on the spirit – the Spirit of God! The Spirit energizes and vitalizes the life such that it is indestructible.

The good news is everyone can receive Eternal life which is in Christ Jesus. First, you have to understand the work Jesus Christ already completed and what He represents to mankind. If you believe it in your heart and you confess his lordship with your mouth, instantly, you receive Eternal life – just as simple!

Let me give you some Bible verse that can explain this better [1john 5:11; John 1:12 -13; Romans 10:9 – 10; Mark 16: 17 – 18; 1Corthanians 14: 4].

Now, let’s get into how you can prevent and stop the Virus from ravaging anyone’s body.

Prevention of Ebola Virus
The person that received Eternal life can be filled with the Holy Spirit to speak in other tongues. He who speaks in other tongues charge up himself and activate the immunity power of the Spirit.

Therefore, before you set out every morning, take time to speak in other tongues. Do it regularly throughout the day and reassure yourself that you have Eternal life. Say: ‘I have the life of God in me, therefore Ebola Virus or any other disease for that matter cannot permeate my body. The word of God said and I declare, If l take up serpent or if I drink any deadly thing (Including virus, bacteria, poison…) it shall not hurt me.” What you say is what you get! The word you speak by faith shall keep you and prevent you from Ebola Virus.

This is the immunity of the Spirit! This is all you require to be safe! Though, I also advise you to also keep the hygiene and other Medical instructions as listed By WHO.

Cure of Ebola Virus
Now, if you are manifesting symptoms of the virus don’t be afraid – STOP FEAR! The truth is, you can stop the virus from ravaging your body!

First, turn yourself up for diagnosis and quarantine, so you may not infect othe people around you who may not have faith.

Again, speak in other tongues regularly daily until the virus dematerialize and is flushed out of your system by the Spirit. Declare: “That same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in me! That same Spirit vitalizes my mortal body.” “I am healed from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet1”

You can’t do this for several days and Ebola virus continues to ravage. It’s not possible!

  • Well, if you are infected and you don't have faith to do this, I recommend you contact healing school of Christ Embassy immediately: www.healingschool.org  
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