Sponsorship/ Endorsement:
·         We support and broker sponsorship deals for football clubs.
·         We broker deals between brands and organizations with Television broadcast rights.
·         We promote and broker endorsements between players and brand advertisers.

Transfer market Operation:
·         We organize football trials for players, we also represent them during negotiation and signing of contract with clubs.
·         We organize interview and represent coaches in negotiations and signing of contracts with clubs.

Public/ Media Relations:
·         We help promote players and coaches through media palling.
·         We support players and coaches when they run into trouble, we help them through media laundry.
·         We help execute social responsibility projects for players, coaches, and clubs.

Education, Research And Solutions:
·         We organize football clinics, Seminars/ conferences,Viewing centers,  Festivals.
·         We publish research reports, Manual and guides, newsletters, blogs
·         Media contents, documentary, reality shows…

Project Management:
·         We supply football/ sport equipment
·         We support sport Association in marketing their football tournaments and other promotional events

·         We sell football wears and souvenirs. We supply football awards and gift items.

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