Selling “Yori-Yori” Brand of Football in South Africa 2010 World Cup

Seventh bronze for Nigeria
Obinna Nsofor celebrates with teammates 

 “It is so beautiful to behold how Nigeria team play their football. A very unique entertainment of free flowing passes, dribbles and knocking the ball around forward and backward in such creative artistry and the celebration when the goal is scored could only be described by the Hip-hop group Bracket as ‘Yori-Yori”. – Benson Chukwueke

The hip-hop group Bracket song track “Yori-Yori” may have taken a new meaning within the football fans in Nigeria as a way of describing the free flowing style of playing the game which is associated with Arsenal Football Club of England.

The football fans in Nigeria love clubs that play to the gallery – free flowing passes, dribbles and knocking the ball around forward and backward. Perhaps, that is how the Nigeria teams play and anything short of the style will never go down well with the fans no matter the result. Many a time, the fans feel so defeated in victory because the Super Eagles team could not play the Yori-Yori style.

Presently, Coach Shaibu Amodu qualified the Super Eagles of Nigeria for South Africa 2010 World Cup and Bronze at African Nations Cup recently concluded in Angola yet, the fans called for his sack because his team where playing a strange style so different from the Yori-Yori brand. For any coach to succeed in Nigeria, he must understand this football philosophy and how to blend the style with his own game plan.

The Nigeria Yori-Yori brand is the most enigmatic style of play so difficult to read or predict. It defiles all bookmakers’ predictions and coaches game plan. At some point, the Nigeria team seems not so serious to score goals, but they could soon attack the opponent unaware, tire them apart and devour them like the wildest lion. Big football teams such as Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Spain etc have suffered such shocking defeat by the Nigerians.

Nigeria team now has a pedigree of a phenomenal team capable of upsetting the game at anytime and could shock any big team in the world. To underrate the Super Eagle in South Africa 2010 will amount to self- destruction. Your team might just be awakening to a rude shock and you are out of the world cup.

We may not win the world cup 2010, but we could steal the show. The Super Eagles could be a sell out in South Africa if we package our “Yori-Yori brand of football so well.
¨       Our Players must learn to play the style
¨       Our goal celebration should catch all the attention
¨       Some of our Players and Fans should plait their hair with the green and white color
¨       Our message to the world should be so daring

Then, watch our story make headline news and all our games attract fans to fill the stadium capacity.