Summer Transfer Window Opens Up For Football Players At The Summer Camps

 Did you know that in every summer over 10, 000 young football players travel from all over the world to Europe and the U.S. to work hard, have fun, meet new friends and as well have a chance to be noticed by scouts and managers of professional football clubs? Well, if you’re in the dark about such football opportunity, you better pack your bag now and head off to a sports camp this summer. I’ll tell you why it’s good for you, especially if you’re aspiring to play for top clubs like Manchester United or Barcelona…

At the summer camp, you’re taught the secrets and techniques of the game – how to hold the ball, make quality passes, shoot at goal… you could even learn techniques such as leg over, back flips, positioning, tackling – you can get better this summer.

Most camps are located on college campuses and run by professional coaches, so young players have the thrill of tasting what it’s like to hit the big time professional football scene. For one month or so, young players can sleep away from home and family, to work with other players from different nationality and cultures. You’re sure to make new friends from Africa, Asia, America or Europe this summer.

Some organizers now position their service as trial camp and they invite much older players between 16 years and about 24 years, with real talents and are ready to jump start a professional football career. Players are group into teams and  are taught different playing formations as well as how to excel during trial games. On specific trial days, scouts and managers are invited from different professional clubs to see these players play and probably choose among them for their own teams.

Trials camp is getting popular in Europe. It afford players aspiring to play professional football the opportunity to push themselves up to limelight. Players who ordinarily may not be noticed at the grassroots clubs or academies down town; players who doesn’t have agents representing them or good video clips, can now show case their talents first hand to scouts and managers.

It has been an avenue for professional clubs in Europe and the U.S. to get cheap talented players for their clubs. So scouts may not need to travel around the world in search of players. They’re all assembled in one place at the trials camp.

Summer camp is a seasonal event, which means the service is not available year round. Most registration occurs between March and July when families are making summer vacation plans and the summer transfer window is about to open up. Most summer camp organizers have interactive website that a player can easily access and register online. First, a player should understand why he want to attend a camp this summer, because all camps are not designed to accomplish the same thing.


  •      Do you want to improve your football skills while you’re still in school?
  • ·         Do you want to have fun and have a taste of what it’s like in a professional football club’s camp?
  • ·         Are you searching for an opportunity to get into a professional club in Europe or the U.S…?
Then, make sure you choose the appropriate summer camp. For instance, Nike Soccer Camp in the U.S. is more like a football clinic, where kid players can come to assess their talents and as well improve their football skills. The kids work under quality coaches that exposes them to the most modern football techniques.

It’s different with Football CV trial camp in England. It’s for players who are ready to jump start a professional football career. So it’s more of a serious business.
Well, whatever your objective is, I’ll strongly advice you to attend a football camp this summer, that is, if you can afford it. And if you’re in West Africa and you’re planning to attend a trials camp in Europe, it might cost you between #3, 000 to #5, 000 euro.

GreenHunters Sports International are affiliated to some trial camps such as Football CV, As coli Soccer try out Camp, Total Football Method Camp, and can help players to process their travel documents and obtain visas. You can contact us today.