BLOGGING YOUR PASSION: How I Turned My Hobby Into A Million Dollar Football Consulting Business


Things you can benefit from Blogging
·         How you can make money from Ads on your blog
·         Discover some relevant topics you can write about
·         Find out how to use affiliate marketing
·         Find out how you can make more money by given free information

 It’s so amazing how this has turned out. Did you know that as you are reading this now, Google will be paying me – when you click on any Ad on anywhere on this blog, Google will pay me on “Pay Per Click” (PPC) terms. And this is what most of the readers do freely as they get interested in any product or service Advertised on the blog. Thanks to Adsense for targeting Ads based on readers interest.

Well, this is not where I make big the bucks, it just bring in regular passive income. I know bloggers who understand the business of blogging well, make more money. I know blogs like Mobility Nigeria, Talk of Naija, Bella Naija, Linda Ikeji may have first researched on niche markets to find out that blogging about new mobile technology, Job vacancy, Dating, Nolly wood, Music, Lifestyle (gossips) are hot topics internet users read so much in Nigeria. So they get a lot of traffic blogging about them and are ranked tops by Alexa.

Blogging for me is different. It gives me a voice to express myself and to share my vision. I love writing a lot. I write about anything that interest me, poetry, articles, play and research reports… I also love presentations. I do some PowerPoint and by myself I trained a lot on public speaking. So blogging was all fun. Yet, I was sensitive about my audience. I didn’t want to just blog about anything that interest me. I wanted to give the readers something valuable, something that would change the course of life for the better. I wanted to touch lives, fulfill dreams and help build a more exciting world through football. So I was giving out a lot of free information that other bloggers would rather package and sell for money – was I a fool?

NO! It was about 3years or so, my blogs, “Inspire Football” and “Cheer on Nigeria” became a reference point for fans and football professionals. Today and counting, I am reaching over 600, 000 people in Nigeria, USA, UK and another hundred countries across the world. Many of them consult me regularly to help them find solution to their football challenges.

Based on their consultations, I researched and wrote reports on some of the issues they raised. Today, I am the author of five eBook on Amazon kindle title, HOW A FOOTBALL PLAYER LIKE YOU CAN EASILY SIGN A MEGA CONTRACT ABROAD, DEFINE YOUR STYLE, HOW TO ACHIEVE YOUR FOOTBALL DREAMS, 10 LESSONS FROM NWANKWO KANU’S FOOTBALL CAREER and THE NEXT JOB IS YOURS. And I have sold over 200, 000 copies.

I now connect players to attend trials with some foreign clubs and connect foreign coaches to local clubs in West Africa. I earn commission as their Agent/ Manager when any of them sign a contract.

I also organize football clinics/ Trials, Seminar/ Conference events. I get scouts and resource persons from around the world to attend and I earn from sponsorship revenue. This was how I established a football consulting firm called GreenHunters Sports International.


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Great post. Informative too!
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