BABY’S NAME: The Amazing Story Of How We Named Her Nicole Olachi Chukwueke

Nicole Olachi Chukwueke
 Sorry, I have not been able to update the blog for a week now. I went for a short Paternity Leave since Monday, October 22. My wife and I delivered a lovely Baby Girl that day. It was another exciting experience. Did I just say it was exciting experience? Well, you can say that after all, but not when you’re beside your wife through a long labour time.

I was there with her all the way. We were in Labour together. I had to take my place to rob her back waist when those excruiating labor pains (Contractions) came. I was at the delivery room, urging her to push and petting her all the time. I even found myself pushing each time the midwife ask her to push. It’s funny eh? I was even sweating more than her. The anixety, expectations and faith that goes with child birth was written all over me.

I thank God almighty for His goodness and faithfulness. I acknowledge His grace. It went well all the way. Mother and child are doing well.

We prayed and kept confessing a baby girl and that is what we got. The word works! Something interesting is that we named the baby even before she was conceived. We had already prayerfully agreed on the sex and the names to call her.  And we often call forth the  names - the victory she would accomplish during her life time. Wow! you need to see her now. She is truly a precious instrument in the hand of God.

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On the 8th Day, on October 29, We gave her the same names: Nicole Olachi Chukwueke.

Nicole: Victorious, Victorious people

Olachi: Precious Ornament of God

Chukwueke: God the Creator

She will answer to the names till she comes to full knowledge of her personality and calling in Life.

Nicole's Mummy: Helen Chukwueke
 Thank you to my group pastor: Pastor Korede Peters, Deaconess Bimpe Peters, Deacon Ken, Sis. Victoria, Sis. Dorothy…and the women fellowship of Christ Embassy Anthony1, for prayer agreement with us. Your BB connections is working.

Thank you to Pastor Rotimi Adesina, who presided over the naming ceremony. Biola Okonji for her gift of love. John Akowe, you have always been there for me. Thank you to all my fans, friends and business contacts on Facebook, twitter, Google+, Linkedin.  Congratulatory messages keep pouring in and our mobile phones has not found rest since the day of the delivery. I feel so loved.  Thank you.

FOR THE RECORDS: By 23.30 GMT On Monday October 22, 2012. Nicole Olachi Chukwueke was born in Motayo Hospital, Owodumi street, Allen Avenue Ikeja Lagos Nigeria.