WHAT’S IN THE BOX? Unwrap My Special Birthday Gift to You – My Fans

Queen Elizabeth II loves horse racing just the way I’m passionate about football. I’m really feeling like one of the world’s most important celebrity this year; having over 2.4 million views my profile on Google+ and 100, 000 connected to the football community I created – IFLNetwork. I guess it gives me that sense of importance.

Interestingly, I have observed more fans read my blog, Cheer on Nigeria, on a regular basis from the United States – 8,493 as compare to fans from Nigeria 6, 439 and United Kingdom 2, 041 repeated views. The readership spread across India, Germany, Brazil, South Africa, down to Solomon’s and Fuji Islands. I feel I’m really making impact in the world by giving people opportunity to better their lives through football possibilities.

I thank Almighty God for breathe of life and the opportunity to achieve these things, for the good of humanity. My birthday this year is yet another opportunity to give out a special gift to all my fans. So, what’s in the gift box?

Guess what? Would you rather have me give you a piece of fish for my birthday or hook, so you can go fishing at will? Well, if you have opportunity to receive this special gift, you are made for life!

In the box is a ‘Hook of Life.’ A special eBook titled – Define Your Style! You can’t read this eBook and remain the same. It would open up your world with great possibilities. It’ll help you define your life and brand you for success. 

This is the kind of eBook you should buy and store it handy in your favorite kindle, But I’ll be giving it out to you FREE on my birthday –December 4th, 2014; for anyone who requested for it. Register here for your free E-Copy.

I am also using this opportunity to express by gratitude to some special persons who encourage my work in one way or another.

Special thanks to my beloved wife, Helen Chukwueke. You’ve been so wonderful. You’ve been more than a companion; you’re the one lifting my hands up high. To my special children DNA – David, Nicole and Alfred; you may not understand, these are really great kids. I’m so fond of them, but sometimes I have to chase them away so I can concentrate on the work.

Thank you Francis Unigwe, Best Friend, always interested in my welfare. Kenneth Asenime, always on my trail; you’d find him in all my connections, yet he still questioned my credibility – funny eh?

Where are you John Akowe? My best Fan; they call you my boy, but you’re such a special friend, more than a brother- always there to lend your support to me. You told me of your plan to travel abroad to better your life and the capacity to help your family as well as people around you. I don’t know if you actually got to Italy, but only God knows all things and why. I’ll surely miss your inspiring message and gift this year!