THE CANNIBAL AT LIVERPOOL: Luis Suarez Took Another Bite For A Ten Game Ban

EPL players should better watch out for Luis Suarez at anytime you may find him in Liverpool team. The Uruguay striker has clearly taken the reputation of a football cannibal after biting again Chelsea  defender, Branislav Ivanovic, during a game at Anifield.

Perhaps, he may have forgotten that he was in front of a vast array of cameras and the eyes of the world are watching him do his thing again.

This wasn't the first time! Suarez had also displayed his mundane behavior in Holland while at Ajax, where he was banned for 7 games after biting PSV Eindhoven midfielder, Otman Bakkai's shoulder during a match in November 2010. And no one could tell if he would do it again.

Suarez, 26, had since apologized for his actions and was heavily fined by Liverpool.

"I've spoken to Ivanovic on phone so I could apologize directly to him." he tweeted. "Thanks for accepting."

"And for my unacceptable behavior the club has fined me. I have asked the club to donate the money to the Hillsborough family support group for the inconvenience I have created to Liverpool fans and to Ivanovic." he added.

Suarez apology didn't stop the English Football Association from handing him over a 10 game ban. The FA statement read:

"A three person independent regulatory commission today upheld the FA's claim that a suspension of three matches was clearly insufficient and player will serve a further seven first team matches in addition to the standard three. The suspension begins with immediate effect."

"The Liverpool forward had accepted a charge of violent conduct but had denied the FA's claim that the standard three match sanction was insufficient for the offense..."

many of the football analysts who spoke to us on the matter said it would appear that Suarez's past record has been taken into account by the FA. And the FA needed to hand him over a severe sanction, because star players in his calibre are role models and shouldn't send wrong signals.

Watch the Video: Luis Suarez Bites Ivanovic